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Business For Better Life

The " Business FOR BETTER LIFE"  was established in early 2015  as a natural outcome of pilot projects focused o preparation of youth for business. Business FOR BETTER LIFE is a method ( approach) through which we want to motivate skilled young people to develop their business ideas. We also  address collaborating entities, such as municipialites, NGO's and schools to work on development of small social enterprises. For those who are interested, we provide education in business plan creation and advisory services and we implement experimental projects developing specific business objectives. 

The method applies tools such as:  

  1. Subsized contract  (part of contract is financed form budget of the project, part is paid by customer) 
  2. Mediation of the contract
  3. Lecturer accompanying beginner through the first contracts
  4. Use of contribution of an active government policy
  5. Development of business plan under the expert supervision ( IFUA, Hungary) 
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